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allow me to clarify some things about sansa stark (ᵔᴥᵔ)



This isn’t directed at anyone in particular, it’s just a response to some claims I’ve seen about Sansa Stark. Let’s begin.

1. She’s naive.

Fuck yeah she’s naive, at least in the beginning. She’s led a sheltered life and her father is Ned Stark of all people - someone who possesses quite a bit of naivety himself, despite being an adult. He could possibly even be the person who sparked her interest in stories and chivalry in the first place - remember how Bran recalls Ned telling them all stories? And remember how he himself believes in the goodness of people? Oh, and guess who else was naive? Bran, but he doesn’t get half as much shit for it. And even the ultimately pragmatic Arya shows a sense of idealism and a belief in chivalry, before she, too, learns the truth the hard way.

2. She’s stupid.

 I usually hesitate to make judgments about people’s intelligence, because it’s a tricky subject, but even so, Sansa is so clearly not stupid. She’s an eager reader and excels at most of her school subjects:

It hurt that the one thing Arya could do better than her sister was ride a horse. Well, that and manage a household. Sansa had never had much of a head for figures.


 She could read and write better than any of her brothers, although she was hopeless at sums.

Sansa is just so obviously not stupid that I don’t understand where people get this from. Naive? Yes, she starts out very naive. But stupid? I don’t get it. Even Littlefinger (who is known for being a rather clever man) remarks on her intelligence. And even if you take into consideration that he may just be flattering her, remember that she is clever enough to know to deceive him:

Lies and arbor gold, she thought.

and that she is bright enough to work out some of his plans:

That was when her suspicion turned to certainty. “And how shall you reward him for this service?”

Let’s not forget that Littlefinger is tutoring her, and that she’s picking up on things rather quickly.

I’m not saying that Sansa is some mastermind. I am saying that she’s much brighter than some people give her credit for.

3. She was a bitch to Jon. She even calls him her bastard half-brother! 

Except that, oops, all of the other Stark children also refer to him as a bastard and/or half-brother, because as far as they know, that’s what he is.

And was she really a “bitch” to him? Jon and Sansa have been thinking of one another the entire series (albeit not often - they weren’t terribly close) and their recollections seem rather warm. Someone pointed out to me how Jon thinks of Sansa with fondness - he remembers how she taught him how to speak to girls, and even dreams of her. And though “she had not thought of him in ages”, Sansa thinks to herself:

 I am a bastard too now, just like him. Oh, it would be so sweet, to see him once again.

 So no, they weren’t BFFs, but they care for one another, and neither seem to harbor resentment against the other.

 4. Why can’t she be awesome and kickass like Arya? 

But she is rather awesome and kickass. Just in her own way.

Sansa and Arya are very different, but IMO they share some of the same awesome qualities: bravery, loyalty, compassion. These qualities just manifest differently in the two girls.

Sansa is an internal, subtle character, and her actions reflect this. She has moments of quiet defiance (refusing to kneel at her wedding) and moments of compassion and bravery (speaking up for Ser Dontos, fleeing KL). She is not a kickass tomboy, no, but it disturbs me that some people seem to think that’s the only type of woman that can be awesome.

Sansa wields kindness and empathy, courtesy and coldness. She is watchful and patient, and, really, incredibly brave.

And if you’re looking for a classic “awesome” (albeit rather foolish) moment, look no further than:

A kind of madness took over her then, and she heard herself say, “Maybe my brother will give me your head.”

5. She’s too passive. 

Actually, Sansa is not quite as passive as she may first appear.

Let’s look at her situation in KL. She’s surrounded by enemies, friendless, and alone. She’s a prisoner. What, exactly, did you expect her to do? She takes each opportunity for escape that is offered to her, and ultimately ends up fleeing KL successfully. Yes, she had help. But Arya had help, too.

(as an aside, to the people who say that Arya wouldn’t have survived KL - I don’t agree, I think Arya would have survived, but that’s a whole different topic)

6. She’s weak.

JFC this may be the worst of them all.

Weak? Really?

The girl who has been abused, deceived, beaten, who had to witness her father’s violent death, who has had everything torn from her, who has been utterly alone, who has been surrounded by enemies on all sides - and who has retained her kindness, empathy, and goodness - is weak? Really?

Nope, nope. She’s adapted, she’s survived, she’s learning to play the Game. And her inner goodness has remained intact - which is more than you can say for many other characters, who have been broken by the brutality of life. 

She’s a survivor. 

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